Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 Rounds for my Birthday

No... not rounds as in rounds of shots.... My birthday was more tiring, like I went 6 rounds in a boxing match... except I was boxing with my dick and my opponents were 3 girls, not a professional boxer, thankfully.

At the SuperBowl I won a bet (after losing 2 bets, yes, I'm still bitter)... I made a bet with my friends Shawna, Lucia, and Allison that if the Saints won the Superbowl they'd have to give me a birthday to remember... and they definitely did...

It was easy to convince Shawna and Lucia, since I've had sex with them numerous times. Allison was the difficult one to convince. She has a boyfriend, who she is very loyal to, but Shawna and Lucia talked her into it.

So, march 7th came, my 23rd birthday and after a little family lunch Shawna, Lucia, and Allison came over. My mom and a couple sisters were home, they knew what was up, but I didn't care. I was about to have a hell of a birthday party on my bed.

First round - Foursome
As soon as they got in my room Shawna said "Lets get this started!" I always expect Shawna to be into girls just as much as guys, so she was more than eager to get it started, Lucia just loves fucking me, and I think Allison was a little turned on by being bad while her boyfriend was away. So we disrobed, Allison was surprised at my size, and she explained that'll have to take it easy on her since her boyfriend is a little on the small side. So I started with Lucia, while Shawna tried making out with Allison, then to Shawna, then to Allison. Allison felt like a virgin. Apparently her boyfriend really is small. I went back through the line again before cumming on Allison's back. All four of us took a break as our post-orgasmic bliss subsided. Then Shawna said she wanted some more.

Second Round - Shawna
While Allison cleaned up, me and Shawna went at it. She came and after about half an hour so did I. Shawna's always ok with me coming on her face, she knows I love it and lets me do it.

Third Round - Lucia
I still had a hard on and Lucia wanted more too. I only lasted about 15 minutes because I was watching Allison masturbate while watching us. I came inside of Lucia (I hope she's on the pill) and then I basically collapsed.

Fourth Round - Allison
I was exhausted by this time. And figured the girls would leave. Allison got a call from her boyfriend, asking her where she was. She lied and told him that she was at her mom's house, and that she'd be on her way back home soon. I was about to say goodbye until she grabbed my dick and started jerking me off. She said that she already cheated on her boyfriend and figured she'd better have a little more fun before she goes back to him. So once she got me hard she straddled me. We switched positions until I was close to cumming. I pretty much begged to come on her face. She explained that she doesn't even let her boyfriend do that. But after a little convincing from me and the other girls i was straddling her with a knee under each shoulder, my dick pointed at her face cumming like crazy. She cleaned up and left to go back with her boyfriend.

Fifth Round - Shawna, part 2
I was watching Shawna going down on Lucia. I didn't think I could get hard again but I did. I got behind Shawna and went at it with her while Lucia was having her first orgasm given to her by a girl. I'm not sure if that counts as a threesome or not. But after cumming Shawna took a shower.

Sixth Round - Lucia, part 2
While Shawna was in the shower Lucia started playing with my dick. My sister Zoe walked in and let out an annoyed sigh before turning around to leave. After Shawna got out of the shower and left me and Lucia went in to get cleaned up. We ended up hooking up one more time before actually cleaning up.

I think I better take a few days off from any sexual activity since my dick is literally sore. But needless to say, it was a decent birthday.


Gray said...

Hahah Happy Birthday to you!!

"I came inside of Lucia (I hope she's on the pill) "

You may wanna check that before hand instead of an after thought!:P

Hexenhasel said...

Happy Birthday, hon :) Glad to read you spent it in style ;)

Kat said...

HAPPY "FUCKING" BIRTHDAY LANDON!!! Once again you never fail to amaze me. :)

Landon said...

thank you... and you're right... i remember asking her a few months ago if she's on the pill... but that could've changed... *crosses fingers*

thanks for the happy b-day wishery... and yeah, i gotta celebrate somehow

thanks... hey, its the one thing i'm good at, can't waste the talent right?

Loverboy said...

Happy Birthday~!

Loverboy & Alabaster Legs

Kat said...

It would be a shame to waste your talents on your hand alone...;)

Landon said...

much thanks

i know, my hand doesn't even appreciate it.... that jerk