Monday, May 17, 2010

Paramour: Kate S

My youngest sister McKenzie has a friend named Kate Smalls... Kate's a tight little blonde. She's about 5'5" under 100 pounds if you don't count her DD breasts. She's got one of the nicest asses I've seen in quite some time and barely 18.

McKenzie has told me several times about how hard Kate has been crushing on me. If it wasn't for the fact that she was 17 until about 20 days ago I would have been more than happy to see how things would go between us.

McKenzie told me that Kate was a virgin, never given or got oral, nor hand jobs, and probably hasn't even seen a penis outside of sex ed class. So to me it seemed like a lost cause. No way would an uber virgin a ridiculously horny guy ever work out. That was until the 7th.

Me and McKenzie went to Kate's parents house on Friday. Her parents were home and we hung out in her room. Me and Kate started making out. She wanted to give me a blow job but didn't want her parents catching us. So McKenzie decided to stay on the look out. She stood in the doorway of Kate's small bedroom about 5 feet from the bed I was getting a BJ on.

I didn't think I was gonna get off once you couple Kate's lack of blow job skills, the fact that my sister was right there, and that both girls in the room were barely 18. But I did. After a quick clean up me and McKenzie left with no eye contact to Mr & Mrs Smalls.

I'm sure me an Kate are gonna see a lot more of each other.

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amy said...

I miss seeing new posts. Hope everything is okay and you are just super busy.