Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #14

1. Would you rather be 3 inches taller, or 3 inches shorter than you already are?
Taller... I'm tallish, but wouldn't hurt to be taller

2. What are 3 words that could never be used to describe you?
Boring, Prude, invisible

3. Have you ever eaten something at the grocery store while you were shopping, prior to buying it? Did you pay for it when you got to the check out line?
Yeah, I've taken drinks and both paid and didn't pay for them. But not something I've done ofter. Akso, if you want free beer, wait until a truck pulls into a distributer and ask the guy if he has anything he's giving away today. Chances are he'll give ya a whole case of beer without carding ya.

4. If you could have any 3 materialistic things in this world without paying a single cent for any of them, what would they be and why?
1. Every pro wrestling show from the 80's and 90's. Current wrestling sucks. Old school wrestling was amazing. 2. Life time supply of condoms. I go through enough. 3. new car?

5. Have you ever fallen asleep or nodded off during sex before?
Yep. A couple times. Nodded off at least. And I've had 3/4 asleep orgasms before.

6. What are 3 jobs you’d leave your current job for? If you don't have a current job, just list 3 jobs you would like to have.
1. Porn star (If I got to hook up with the good looking stars, not the dog ugly ones.) 2. Movie star 3. Rock star

7. Do you or have you ever answered the phone during sex?
Too often. If the phone rings, no matter what I'm doing, I'll answer it. I've talked to my mom, my sisters, my brothers, bosses, ex-girlfriends, friends requesting benefits, boyfriend of the girl I was with, among countless other people during sex. Its kinda fun. I've been asked on the phone to come over and have sex and accepted. Arrived fashionably late however. I think I've actually nodded off while having sex while talking to someone on the phone.



Amorous Rocker said...

A life time supply of condoms would be really helpful. Interesting answers. Thanks for playing. ;)

Landon said...

agreed... boner balloons can get expensive when you buy enough of them... shouldn't there be like a free condom program started by the government?