Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness 24

1.) Do you think you're approachable?
Yeah... I think I'm rather approachable... If girls hear the rumors about me they have no problem approaching me, unless they are really shy... but if they are cute I'll approach them long before they even see me... girl crazy much?

2.) Out of the two, would you rather be able to predict things before they happened or be able to read minds whenever you wanted to? Why?
Read minds... easily... cuz then you can find out what's gonna happen next, and it wouldn't hurt to find out exactly what to say to hook up with a girl at a 100% success rate... 98.5% at least

3.) Have you ever kissed, fooled around or slept with an ex significant other AFTER you were already broken up?
Yeah... I still hook up with some of my exes on a regular basis, if the sex was good, why throw that away if we can't get along in a relationship...

4.) Do you believe dreams are your imagination running wild as you sleep, your subconscious showing you what's really on your mind or something else entirely?
a little of each... I think all dreams have some truth behind them... but they can get pretty.... strange... sometimes...

5.) How often do you use cuss words? Does your use of cuss words vary on your moods or situations?
I fucking cuss all the goddamn time.... I don't give a half of a flying ass shit, bitch-dick, stop being a cock sucking cu... really I don't swear much...

6.) Do you ever purposely lead people on so you can get what you want?
depend on what it is... I lie and haggle at yard sales and crap if that counts

7.) When was the last time you did something you told yourself you wouldn't do? What was it?
Last night actually... I told myself I wouldn't have sex with the married woman 4 doors down at this apartment... She walked by in a loose, low cut blouse, her DD boobs just a bouncing... couldn't help it... luckily for me her 2 kids and husband weren't home.... and it didn't take a whole lot to convince me... I also told myself I'd stop messing around with married women, failed that too...

8.) If you could meet one musician who is no longer alive, who would it be?
Kurt Cobain... Or Keith Richards... Keith Richards is dead right? I mean... close enough right?


Anonymous said...

U are funny! Your answers had my LOL!!!!


Holly Golightly said...

i almost put kurt cobain too!


I Smile 2 Much said...

You remind me just *way* too much of a lot of my best guy frenz. Too fun you are! *smiles*

And LOL on #5 god fucking damnit! I never cuss either! Really, I dont : P


Happy WW ; )

Amorous Rocker said...

Your #5 and #8 seriously cracked me up! Which isn't good because I just had oral surgery today and it hurts to open my mouth very far, lol. Great answers. ;)