Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How many times can one guy get walked in on?

I had the day off work yesterday. I normally work 8 hour shifts Monday-Thursday and a 4 hour shift on Friday. I work in a computer tech help call center, all I do is forward calls to the right places. Not an exciting job, but pays nice. But a lot of the time its rather slow. 3 or 4 days a week we'll either get sent home early or get called off all together.

My cell phone woke me up at 7 AM in the morning. It was the sexy receptionist Sue telling me I didn't have to come into work. Good deal. I was horny as hell, like I am most mornings, but yesterday more so since all I got the night before was a half-assed blow job from my friend Morgan. I tore the sheets off, closed my eyes and started jacking off.

Now I should tell you about the apartment I live in. There are 3 bedrooms for 7 people. My mom has one to herself. My youngest sister McKenzie and the twins Dominic & Donovan share one with me, my sisters Zoe and Arianna share the third. To make matters worse, there are no doors on any of them. We tried getting doors but our landlord doesn't want them. So anything that goes on in the bedrooms can be seen from almost anywhere in the apartment. We've had to learn to be pretty open with each other here as you may have guessed. Between me, my mom, and Don & Dom, someone is almost always having sex or masturbating.

So I'm laying there, eyes closed, dick-in-hand, getting closer to coming then I hear "Oh, you are awake." I stop, open my eyes and theres my mom. "Yeah," I said with my dick in my hand "I don't have to work today." She says "Oh good, by the way breakfast is ready." She leaves and I try to get off real quick. After five or ten minutes of masturbation I get close again. Then my mom pokes her head in the door again. "Hurry up Landon, breakfast will get cold." I keep masturbating and grunt out "Be out in a minute." But my mom doesn't take no for an answer. "You can finish that after breakfast," she said. If she knew how horny I was she'd know this was top priorty right now. I reluctantly get up, put on a pair of sweatpants on, wash my hands and walk out to the table with a more than obvious hard on. Sweatpants and 9.5" erections don't work together. I ate breakfast and grumpily did some chores.

Then around 1 pm I got a quick jerk off session in the bathroom, wasn't much but it counts. The afternoon dragged on. I spent most of it in my room watching TV. my bros and sisters went out, or to work and my mom went shopping. I took my pants off and decided that if i had nothing else better to do I'd jerk off again. So I'm going at it, almost there again, and i hear the front door open. I try to get off before they come into my room. Didn't happen. My mom came in with a couple shopping bags. She sat on the edge of the bed, me still slowly stroking myself, and told me she got me some new shirts and I should try them on. I sighed, put my pants back on and tried on my new shirts.

I tried jerking off again later that day only to be interupted by my sister Zoe. Who had to come in to get clothes before she went out that night.

Then I tried to start all over again after she left. Only to be walked in on again, this time it was my sister telling me to get dressed because we were going out for dinner. By this time I'm getting rather frustrated.

After getting home from eating i go straight to my room. I was determined to get off. Like those times, for both men and women, you masturbate but just can't seem to get off. But you keep going because you refuse to to give up. I was feeling like that, times a hundred.

I get in bed and tell myself I'm gonna jerk off and not stop until I get off, no matter what. It was gonna take a meteor shower or my apartment catching on fire to stop me. So I'm going at it and Zoe walks in and goes to bed. I figure I can still do it even though she's in a bed not far from me. I continue until she says "Landon! Knock it off I'm trying to sleep." I grunt "Almost done."

It was like seeing the finish line of a marathon. I finally came, finally had a decent, complete, masturbation session.

Way to much work to get one masturbation session in.

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Anonymous said...

poor, poor you!


But it was fun to read though ;) Murphy's law and such!

/Nuclear Rainbow