Monday, May 4, 2009

Paramour: Lucia Santiago

I met Lucia Santiago (known as LS from now on to save on finger strain) at Blue's one Wednesday. Blue being the last name of the owner of the 18+ dance club named after him. Not because of any color scheme (its actually quite red) or because its a sad place.

I got a Heinekein from a cute bartender that I've been trying to sleep with for several months to no avail. And yes, I'm one of those guys that flirts with female bartenders thinking that they want me until i look at my wallet the next morning and notice they've flirted me out of a lot of money. She goes away in mid-flirt and I figured "Hey, she'll be back" so I go check out the dance floor.

I take a few gulps of my beer and notice a sexy latin chick wearing some kinda glittery top dancing to whatever rap song is popular these days. I'm not old, just don't like rap, I'm more of a gothy rock kinda person, even though I look rather ambercrombie-&-fitch most days. I guess I'm a closeted goth. Who knows. She moves through the crowd and out of my line of sight so I walk across the club, not really looking where I'm going, stumbling over chairs and tables and junk trying to find her again. I spot the glitter of her shirt and stop. She's dancing with some girls, friends of her I figure, so I watch her.

I'd like to say I was like a lion eyeing its prey, but when I snap out of the hypnotism her hips were sending me in, I notice that I'm standing in the "Creep Corner." The younger people of the area call it The Creep Corner because, for one, its the darkest corner of the club, and secondly, its where all the middle aged men go to sit and stare at the 18 and 19 year old girls that dance there. Not where a hungry lion would hang out. Besides, the female lions are the ones that are stuck with all the hunting while the male lion hangs out in the sun and eats when the wife drags supper to the den. That's the life.

So I slowly sneak out of the Creep Corner, pretending like I got there by accident. I start moving to the music while I move through the crowd. I don't like rap, but I can dance rather well for a caucasian male. As I move though the crowd I have to squeeze through a few people. There was a few moments that I crop dusted a few girls asses. Crop dusting, by the way, is the act of rubbing your junk on a girl while walking past her in a crowded room. Also a fun game to play at a bar. More on that at a different time. One girl I crop dusted looked at me with, intent, I guess you'd call it. I was about to be like "Hey, now that I rubbed my package on your lower back, I think I should introduce myself" but I was on a mission.

I got to LS who I only knew as "glitter-shirt" at this point. I asked her if she wanted to dance. Duh, of course she did, that's why she was dancing at the time. Luckily she didn't catch the redundancy of the question. She told her friends she'll meet them at home later and we danced. She was either impressed with my ability to dance or staring at my crotch all night. Maybe I just crop dusted her earlier, who knows.

After about half an hour of dancing she wanted to go sit down for a minute. She walked towards the Creep Corner but I steered her towards a less pervy area. Must be new here I figured. I asked her what she wanted to drink. Not only to repay her for the dance but to flirt with that bartender. Yeah, she wants me, its not all about the tips. She tells me she's only 18, and can't drink yet, so we sit down and chat. She says she's a senior in the local high school. I look back at the Creep Corner as if to say "Yeah, you've been looking for her, but I got her."

After some talking, and getting her to laugh way too much (she even admitted she was about to pee her pants) we left together. I walked her to her apartment and I was feeling like I might get lucky. She then reminded me she lives with her mom. I said goodbye, even though I was fighting back the urges to say "Well, your mom can join in." I figured I wouldn't get anywhere with that. Haven't in the past anway, another story, another time. Before she went in she jotted down my cell phone number and I left.

A couple days later LS called me. We chatted a bit about our apartments, she knew exactly where I lived, one of her friends she was dancing with lived there. She said she was visiting her the next morning and she'll stop in to say hi.

The next morning I woke up when she sat on my bed, beside me. My first thought when I woke up was "Fuck, c'mon, 8 in the morning?" followed quickly by "Shit, I hope Shana left." Me and Shana had sex the night before and I didn't know if she left yet or not. Not promising if the girl you're trying to hook up with sees you in bed with another girl. Third thought, "Shit, I'm naked." Fourth thought, "Nice, I'm naked."

Apparently my mom let her in when she came to the apartment, and I sleep naked. Me and LS chatted for a bit. She staring at my abs the entire time. I had a very thin white sheet over the lower half of my body. Not that it did much, you can kinda see through it. We chatted about her friend she was meeting until she blurted out "Do you always sleep naked?" I do, but pretended like I had no idea why I was naked. I just said "You can step out of the room while I get dressed." She rolled her eyes and claimed it wouldn't be the first dick she saw. Just the mear mention of that sent a plethora of fantasies through my mind and in a matter of seconds the blood rushed to my dick and I could feel the sheet rising. She giggled and said "Back to where you were the other night." I apparently got a hard-on while dancing with her.

She started moving the tenting sheets down and off my dick and gasped. I love when they gasp. She stared, marveling at the size. I knew it was the biggest dick she's seen. I often is the biggest that girls have seen. Penis-bragging! Woohoo!

LS wrapped her hand around it, her fingers didn't touch. She started stroking it. I got harder than I've been in awhile and she leaned over to start kissing my dick. She stopped and said she shouldn't do this with my mom in the same apartment. I told her that she should be used to it by now and not to worry. She didn't and started going down on me. She did her best she could do for about 5 minutes what I heard "Dammit Landon!" I looked down at LS, and with a mouthfull of dick she couldn't have said it. It was actually my sister, Arianna, who I share my room with. It freaked out LS, but after I calmed her down and Arianna left with a pillow and a blanket we started at it again.

I told her I wanted to go down on her for awhile. She look kinda confused and said "I didn't think guys liked doing that." She really doesn't know me to well. I coerced her out of her skin tight jeans and went to work. She was cleanly waxed, getting ready for the swimming/bikini weather. Her pussy was tight too. I could barely fit 2 of my fingers in there. I wasn't down there for more than 15 minutes before she had an orgasm, her first she'd later tell me.

We switched positions on the bed. She said "I wish I was a snake so I could unhinge my jaw to get your entire penis in my mouth." She's funny too. And uses words like penis instead of cock or dick. Although, she's not the best at giving a blow job. New at it I figured. But she got me off and was shocked at the amount I came. She tried to keep as much in her mouth as she could, but it wasn't much.

She left and gave me a call later that night. We chatted a while and she told me she was a virgin. She would've hqad sex with me that morning but knew here mom would be waiting for her to get home.

She told me that her mom and brother gfo to her gradma's house every sunday between 5-7 and told me to drop by at 5:30, and I did.

That sunday afternoon I got to her apartment and she let me in and we immediately started making out. We got naked and I went down on her again. I got a condom out of my pants and told her that if she didn't wanna do it, she didn't have to. I knew she was a virgin, and when I have sex with virgins they tend to immediately think that we're in a relationship. I told her I didn't want a relationship, and she told me that she was the last virgin among her friends, and they've been picking on her for it for a while now. She's ok with not being in a relationship.

So we got to it. It took about an hour from the time I showed up, to the penetration, and then another 10 minutes to her to get used to my dick. Me being 9.5" and rather thick and her being a virgin, it took some getting used to. After we were both comfortable we started going at it. She had 1, maybe 2, orgasms. Hard to say if that second one was a full one. By the time we finished I wanted to lay down with her and catch my breath. She looked at the clock and said I needed to leave. It was past 7 and here mom was gonna be home at any second. I got dressed, she kissed me, told me to call her, and I left while she hopped in the shower.

On the way downstairs I noticed an older hispanic woman, who looked a lot like LS, walking up the stairs. I'm guessing that was her mom. Left just in time.

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