Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TMI Tuesday #185

1. Have you ever bought a membership to a porn site? If yes, what is the most recent one and did you like it? Yup... I got a membership to Naughty America, the makers of "My Friend's Hot Mom" and "My First Sex Teacher." My sister Anna used it just as much, if not more than me... I still prefer DVDs to website subscriptions... I have most of the MFHM & MFST dvds anyway... so it was rather worthless...

2. Would you rather watch a erotic/porn movie, read a story, or listen to an audio? Why? Either movie or story.... In a movie you have the story, sound, and visuals all right there for ya, ready to go, but, you gotta deal with whatever they give ya... But with a story you can basically do anything, its up to the author. You can tweek the story more in your imagination... it depends on whether or not I feel like thinking at the time...

3. If you have a significant other what do you do for each other to get in the mood? If you don't what would you kind of thing could a future potential long term partner do to get you in the mood? Yeesh... what doesn't turn me on? I always like it when a girl either directly, or indirectly, mentions that I have the biggest dick they've ever seen/had.. male ego and all... thats why, even though I'm perfect for them, I stay away from size queens. Since they go after the larger guys anyway, they are less impressed... its like "Can't you just pretend like you've never seen one this big?" *sigh* To be Jonah Falcon... When I'm hard he's just as big when he's flaccid (9.5"... He's 13.5" when erect)

4. When it comes to sex, how much do you talk about it with others? How comfortable are you talking about sex? Too much... I'm more than comfortable talking about it... I probably lost chances with a few girls because of that... I'll talk to anyone about it, my friends, My sisters and bros, my mom... just not my grandma... as far as she knows I've never even seen a vagina... speaking of talking... if ya wanna chat, and have AIM, add me, my sn is landonsezlol

5. What are the last 5 things you search for on Google (or another search engine)? In no particular order: Jonah Falcon (had to see if the rumors were true, they are), Forecast for my town, Netvideohunter (an addon for firefox that downloads video), Victoria Justice (To see if she was legal or not, she's not... bummer), and Stella Maxwell (Lead singer of the band Cruiserweight)

Bonus: Have you ever had a fantasy that you were ashamed of? No not really... Unless you count fantasies about friend's girlfriends, married women, or things of that nature... but then I wouldn't say I'm ashamed of them...


Vixen said...

LOL @ your #4. Same here. ;)

vixen kitten said...

Loved your answers!

#1 I like DVD's better too. Hot Moms, huh? I'm liking you more and more here, Landon!

#4 For some reason I think chatting with you would be an experience I wouldn't soon forget. :) Not an AIM girl though...just yahoo.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your day is beautiful.


Kealie Shay said...

LOL, great answers, Landon... somehow I'm not really surprised at your answers though. ;-D

I agree with Vixen Kitten, I doubt I'd ever be the same after a chat with you. :-D

Happy TMI.

onangelwings said...

Now I need to Google Jonah Falcon