Monday, August 24, 2009

Paramour: Margie Ruffin

I used to live in a suburban area of Southern Pennsylvania (SoPenn as the hip kids probably called it) when me and the fam moved to New York my sister Zoe took it the hardest at first. She was probably the most popular girl in her grade, tons of friends and all.

Zoe was always socially mature, allbeit not so mature in other areas, but she often hung out with kids a few years older than her.

When we moved we all eventually got in our typical social groups. I hung out with the jocks, partiers, and skaters. My oldest brother with the businessy entrepreneurs, Arianna with the cheerleaders, but not Zoe. for the first year or so she didn't get along with much of anyone.

That's when she met Margie Ruffin. She was held back in school a couple of years thanks to a sickness she had in her childhood. Smart girl, conservative, not into mainstream pop culture, and three years older than my sister.

They became friends. I, being the eternally-horny guy that I am (and more so considering I was battling with teenage hormones at the time) I tried to hook-up with her several times, and failed several times.

Margie came off way too much as a conservative person, so it took me about a month to figure out that I wasn't gonna get anywhere with her (plus at this time she was over 18, and I was under 18). So, to me, she became my sister's friend, off limits and worthless to my penis. She ended up being like a occasionally-present sister. My attraction to her died off (not that she's ugly).

As it turns out she was one of the few female friends of my sisters that haven't seen my penis in one way or another. Until we fast forward a few years.

Last month I was in our apartment, seemingly alone and started masturbating.

As I've mentioned before, my family is pretty open with each other, 7 people in a 3 bedroom apartment, the only door is the one on the bathroom, our rooms that me and my brothers & sisters share have no doors thanks to our land lady. So privacy while you're having sex or masturbating is non-existent. We've grown to seeing one of us in action when we walk into our rooms or down the hallway rather normal. As normal as possible anyway.

And our apartment is rather quiet. Considering how much it costs us in rent, you'd think there would be a lotta creaky floor boards, but they are rather silent, as is the door to the apartment apparently.

So I'm there, naked (that's how I sleep), masturbating. I'm watching a porn DVD on mute. Sometimes the retardedly over-the-top constant orgasms that porn women have from the moment a penis gets jabbed in them to the money shot are rather unsettling to the ear (I'm talking to you Jessica Drake).

I'm getting rather into the visuals as I'm oblivious to the set of feet walking across the thick carpet to my room. Or I'm just so used to being walked in on that I don't care. One or the other.

In walks my sister Zoe with a "Hey Lan!" while some lucky guy on the TV finishes off on Jessica Drake's face. To which my sister replies "Mrrmmm" with a disapproving shiver to the pop shot.

I'm about to ask her what she's doing here. Not as in "what are you doing home" more like "Can you leave so I can finish jerking off." But before I could get that part of my brain off stroking my penis so I can form words she interrupts me with "I'm in my room, Marge."

At this point I'm trying to figure out who she's talking on her cell phone.

"Lan! Put your dick away until we're gone," she says grabbing the remote and turning the TV off.

I'm confused because I didn't notice anyone else in the room. But then, knowing Zoe, she may have developed a second personality. Then I look up at her and see that she's not on her cell, she doesn't even have it out.

Before the blood had enough time to leave my dick and go back to my brain so I could think clearly, in walks Margie.

I turn my head and look at her in all her deer-in-headlights glory and think, oh, she wasn't talking on her phone, she was talking to Margie who just happens to also be in the room with us. I get it.

Then I realize I'm naked, on top of my sheets, with my hand around the base of my dick, holding it straight up like a 9.5" flesh sword.

Surprisingly, my first thought isn't "cover up" or "Hey Margie, wanna help out with this" but its "How many times has Margie seen my dick?" If she's seen it a lot, then its no big deal. But that's not the case.

"Christ, Landon, cover up," Zoe tells me. I figure that its not a bad idea. I cover up with a sheet and mutter "Sorry," to Margie.

Margie immediately turns beet red, and turns her head and doesn't make eye contact for the few minutes (which seem like a lot more) that they're still in the room.

They leave and on the way out of the apartment I hear one of them, probably Marge, say "Oh my god, I can't believe it" It trails off as I turn back on the TV and use Margie's expression more than the porn as fuel to get off.

A couple days later, 4th of July, I step out of the shower, out of the bathroom and to my room, naked, drying my hair off with a towel. I remove the towel from my head and there's my sister Zoe with Margie on Zoe's bed. I wrap the towel around my waist while Margie looks away from my crotch. Zoe says "About damn time" referring to how long I was in the bathroom. She stops painting her toe nails and heel-walks to the bathroom. Me and Margie alone in the room.

"You've been seeing an awful lot of me lately, haven't you?" I ask. She goes red but lets out a nervous laugh and says "Yeah, I guess so."

Awkward silence.

I opened my mouth to speak but she beats me to it. "Sorry about the other day, I didn't know you were... you know... doing that. If I did I would've waited in the living room."

"It's cool," I say. "Its not the first time I was walked in on. It didn't embarrass me or anything."

She, apparently without thinking, immediately replies "Well you definitely don't have anything to feel ashamed or embarrassed about."

I smile at the compliment. Looking out of the corner of my eye I see her cringe like she wished she wouldn't have said that.

Awkward silence again.

I change the topic. "So what are you plans for the Fourth of July?" It was something to that extent, I was too much enthralled by the penis compliment she gave me.

She mentioned that she and Zoe were hanging out. I told her about the wild party I was going to later that night while I was grabbing clothes to change into. I start to unwrap the towel off of my waist to get dressed.

"If you don't wanna see me naked again you can leave or turn around while I get dressed." I tell her.

"No, it's OK," She says, her voice gently trembling. "Its not like I haven't seen it twice already."

"You sure? Don't want to make ya feel weird."

She just nods as I drop the towel. I see her staring at my dick.

She asks me how big I was out of nowhere.

I give her my normal response to that question "9.5 inches when hard, 9 3/4 inches on a good day, 6 and a half or so when flaccid. But when its cold out, I'm hung like a hamster."

She laughs as I think I've finally broken the naked ice.

"Sorry," she says "I've just never seen one that big."

Ah, my male ego's favorite phrase. And apparently my penis' as I can feel it throbbing and hardening. I quickly put some underwear on to try to hide it. But its too late, I'm at full mast in a matter of seconds as Margie easily notices and laughs.

"Don't put it away," she says as she bites her bottom lip. "I wanna see it!"

I pull my underwear down and turn around, pointing an accusing penis at her.

She reaches out and grabs it, saying something about its size, or hardness, or something. My brain shut off a minute ago, she could be saying something about how the color matches the curtains in her house for all I know.

Wasn't long until Zoe walks in.

She let out a sigh, as she reminds Margie that she came over to hang out with her not my penis.

Margie apologizes but doesn't take her hand of my dick which she is starting to jerk off.

Zoe's arms are crossed as she sighs again and tells us she has to go to the store and she'll be back in about an hour. She also tells us that we can do whatever we want, but they are leaving once she gets back.

That's apparently all the motivation that Margie needed as she takes the head of my dick in her mouth.

She's having trouble giving me a blow job but she's giving it her best shot. She turns to sucking my balls and stroking my dick.

It didn't take long until she got up, took her shirt, jeans and panties off. She keeps her bra on for some reason. Not like I'm gonna ruin the moment for an explanation as to why.

She lays down on Zoe's bed and tells me she always thought I was sexy, just too young to fool around with in high school.

I don't need much more motivation at this point as I kneel in between her legs, I grab a condom and slide it on right before entering her.

She was tight, I was thinking she was a virgin but remembered her and my sister talking about her boyfriend. I wonder if they're still together?

She shivers and moans from her orgasm after about 10 minutes, then again after about 25 minutes, and again during what must've been the 45 or 50 minute mark. One of the things you get to notice after watching a lot of porn, how many minutes in that a girl comes.

I'm about to get off when Zoe walks back in the room.

"Not on my bed assholes!" She screams.

Margie wraps her arms around my neck and I carry her over 6 or 7 feet to my bed.

Zoe stomps out of the room, yelling something about me hurrying up cuz they gotta go.

Even Margie starts rushing me. Telling me she doesn't wanna leave without getting me off, but they need to get going.

So I "hurry" as fast as I can and come as Zoe yells at us from the kitchen.

My head's still spinning as Margie grabs her clothes and gives me a kiss on the lips.

She dresses, smiles and waves good bye as I'm sitting there sweating, and hating the fact that I gotta take another shower soon.

A week later me and Margie get together at her apartment. This time without a time limit or nagging sisters.

I found out after our second get together that she does have a boyfriend. Or at least that's what the pictures on the nightstand next to her bed would lead me to believe.

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