Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TMI Tuesday #202 (Location, Location, Location)

1. If you could have monumental sex where would it be (i.e. on Lincoln's lap, the stairwell of the Statute of Liberty)? The Eiffel Tower, Leaning tower of piza, or someother really phallic monument. In high school I had sex with a girl in the front court of the school at night in front of a statue of the guy the school was named after. The girl (while on top of me) used his statuey arm as support, so it kinda counts as a threesome... right?

2. Have you ever "played" with your food (i.e. a blowjob under booth #9 at Denny's, finger banging by candlelight at Spago)? Had sex in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant. And a hand job in the break room of a restaurant I worked at (for like all of 2 weeks, the job, not the hand job) as a teen.

3. Have you ever had sex in motion (i.e. the lavatory on Virgin Air, the back seat of your Chevy Suburban)? I had sex and oral while driving, went down on a girl while she was driving (more difficult than you think), and had sex in the back seat of a car while someone else was driving. Still not a member of the mile high club, although its on the to do list.

4. Have you ever had sex worthy of a confessional (i.e. a stall in the church bathroom, on the desk in your boss's office)? Churches no... Work, lots of times...

5. Have you ever had sex under the stars (i.e. in the alley behind Scores Gentleman's Club, the roof of your South Beach condo)? Yeah, had sex in public at night many times... Even had sex in the middle of a yard in broad day light... not so many stars out that day though...

Bonus: What's your favorite place (of all places) to have sex (i.e. The Bunny Ranch, Las Vegas)? I like public places in general... not too many women (that I know at least) that are up for it though... or having sex while losts of people are watching... had sex in the middle of a party once with plenty of people watching... the exhibitionist in me I suppose

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Vixen said...

There is quite a bit of exhibitionist in me as well. And sex in public is *very* exciting and hot.