Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Dehydrating Weekend

I'm a typical guy in most aspects (with a few exceptions) so if an opportunity to get laid presents itself, I don't tend to pass it up. Thats gotten me in trouble more than a few times. Whether it was because I hooked up with a married woman, a mother of a friend of mine, a friend's girlfriend, so on, so forth...

One strange combination that has yet to get me into trouble is the mother-daughter team of Susan and Julia Beardon. Well, granted, about a year ago I got chased out of Susan's house by her husband. But I've been much more discreet since that time with her and her daughter.

I started hooking up with Susan more than a year ago, since I've been coming over her daughter Julia started having a crush on me. A few months after Julia turned 18 me and her started hooking up.

I decided to run the risk of ruining my 2 new friends with benefits a few months ago by letting them know I was fucking both of them, surprisingly, they didn't care. Then I pressed my luck by mentioning a possible threesome, which they quickly turned down. I figured I'd try. And I know, its a risky situation, one that will probably end badly, but if you're thinking of the end you're not enjoying the present.

They are, however, more than happy to share, even letting me go from one to the other in the same day.

That brings me to my long weekend...

Thursday Afternoon
I went out on break at work around one o'clock and checked my cell phone... I got about 6 messages, 1 from my mom, a couple from people I don't know (damn recycled cell phone numbers), and another from my friend Alexia (who I lost a superbowl bet too) saying "its time 2 pay up stud" I sighed and headed to her place, I "paid up" which according to the terms of the bet I lost, meant I had to go down on her. She came and I left and had to get back to work. I was a little (30 minutes) late from break and heard it from my supervisor. I've been chewed out before (Inglourious Basterds reference, 10 points) but since I was trying to hide a hard-on the entire time it was rather awkward. Needless to say I was sitting at my desk the rest of the shift. The girl next to me noticed, at least I figure, her face was red and she was giggling the rest of the shift but was too shy to say anything.

Thursday Evening
It was about 9 or 10 PM when I got a text from Susan and she said she needed to see me. It took me all of about 4 seconds for me to get ready to head over to her house. Since my car is not in working condition right now, it was a terrible walk over there. First it was cold, secondly my dick knew it was getting laid so it pointed me right to Sue's house. When I got there Sue lead me right to her room. We fucked until like 2 in the morning. From the built up sexual frustration from going down on a girl and not getting anything in return I came like a volcano, and just about passed out immediately after.

Friday Morning
I woke up groggy watching Susan getting ready for work. It was about 8 am. I laid in Sue's bed watching her get changed. She told me I better get up and going since I had to be at work at 10 AM. I grabbed my phone and called in sick, I didn't feel like working that day. Sue told me I can stay here for a while since her husband was away for most of the weekend. He was pulling a long shift out of town and would only be home for a little while Friday night. She left, and I enjoyed the comfort of her king sized bed. Then Julia walked in. She jumped in bed with me and said she wasn't going to school since me and her mom kept her awake most of the night. We cuddled (me naked, her in pajamas) and as they say, spooning leads to forking. Me and her went at it for a few hours and I collapsed again.

Friday Afternoon
I got semi-awoken by a text from Susan, it read "How about a quickie? Im going on break." I didn't deny her and she was over about 10 minutes later. Julia got up and took a shower as me and her mom went at it for about 30 minutes. Before she left, she told me to be out of the house by 7pm since her husband would be home for the night. And the last time He saw me in his house I had my dick in my hand cumming all over his wife's face, so needless to say, he wouldn't be happy seeing me here. But before I got ready, I decided I needed a nap. Well... I feel asleep, wasn't much deciding that happened.

Friday Evening
I woke up with Susan shaking me and yelling at me in a whisper. When you're instantly woken up from a nice slumber your brain only catches a few things. All I heard from Susan was "Husband, home, kill us." I'm guessing what was said was "My husband's home, if he catches you here he'll kill us." I looked at the clock and it was 7:32. Susan got me up and tried hiding me, we went out into the hall way and she told me to hide in Julia's bedroom until her husband goes to bed. Now, I'm still naked at this point. I get pushed into Julia's room and she's on her computer webcamming with someone. Not sure who she was webcamming with but he or she got an eyeful. She closed her laptop and I tried explaining the situation. She let mey stay in there for a while. It was 9 pm or so and after Julia came back in her room after dinner and her dad went to bed with her mom we laid together on her bed. I explained that I didn't have any clothes to wear home since they were still in Susan's room, so I stayed with her all night. While we were laying there we heard her mom and dad start to go at it. Hearing that got me turned on. I'm not sure if it was them screwing, or knowing that I was with his wife not that long ago that turned me on. Julia got on top of me, straddling me like a cow girl and we went at it like that, trying to be as quiet as possible before I pulled out, got up and came on her face. While she was cleaning up I felt dehydrated. Something you know about when your a guy and you came too many times in a short time period. I passed out again.

Saturday Morning
I woke up around 8 or 9 AM again, this time in Julia's bed with her stroking my morning wood. She was like "It's about time you woke up, my arm was getting tired." So decided to take the burden off her and jerked off while she watched. It seemed to take forever until we started french kissing. It didn't take long to get me off after that.

Saturday Afternoon
I stayed in Julia's room, making out with her for a few hours until we couldn't take it and both needed to get off again. I fucked her doggystyle to 3 or 4 orgasms. During one of her orgasms her mom walked in. She started to say "Hey, Julia, your dad is leaving." Julia moaned out that she'll "be down in a minute." I tried to hurry up and came all over her back. She tried to get cleaned up, put some clothes on and ran down to say goodbye to her dad with that euphoric look on her face that can only come from several orgasms.

More Saturday Afternoon
Not 30 minutes after sexing up Julia for the 3rd time in 2 days, I watched Mr Beardon leave to go back to work. I stumbled to Susan's bedroom to get my clothes, which were hidden under the bed. I just zipped up my jeans when Susan walked in and said "Oh, there you are. Not leaving already are ya?" I tried to explain that I was kinda tired and if I come one more time its just gonna be white dust coming out. But before I knew it she was on her knees with my dick in her mouth. I tried to put it back in my pants but I just didn't have the energy at the time. I, somehow, got hard again and started going at it with Susan. About an hour and a half into our fun I started to go soft. For about a half hour it was like shoving cooked spaghetti into a straw. But I got hard again and shortly after getting her off for the 4th time I came on her face. It wasn't powder, but definitely not as much as typically comes out. But still, there's something hot about cum all over a 42 year old woman's face. She let me leave after that. Finally.

Late Saturday Afternoon/Early Saturday Evening
I have no clue what time I actually got home. All I know is that my mom asked me where I was all weekend and I mumbled something to her, not sure if it was actual words or not. I drank about a gallon of gatorade and slept the rest of Saturday.


Hexenhasel said...

I hope you've been chasing down some regular water with that gatorade, because really it's the best thing for dehydration ;)

Lesson learned: always keep hydrated between shagging. Which is why my man always keeps a bottle of water stashed somewhere in the bedroom at all times.

Gray said...

Hahahahah Oh my lord what a weekend!:)