Friday, April 9, 2010

Hump Day and a Sympathy Shag

Wednesday tends to be the day of the week when everything seems to shut down. For most people its the middle of their work week. Which means its closer to, but still far away from, their weekend. But the best thing about "Hump Day" is when its named literally.

I hooked up with a friend of mine Violet for the first time. It was something that I hadn't been trying to do (for once). In fact, it was more of a sympathy shag.

Thats not saying that Violet isn't a nice girl. She's definitely cool. But she's not what most guys consider drop dead sexy. That might sound mean, and and few if not none of the girls I hooked up with in the past were considered supermodels, but its true.

Violet had a crush on me for a while, since the first day she started working where I do. She attempted to date me. She actually went above and beyond the term "attempted." I told her that its not something I wanted at the time, I didn't press the issue by saying "I'm not ready for a relationship, but if you wanna bang, call me." Basically said no thanks and moved on. And I suppose when a guy makes it seem like he doesn't want you it makes a girl want him more.

Luckily she didn't turn into a stalker. There were a couple times where she tip toed the line between stalker and a very very interested person, but she never really made me feel uncomfortable. We talked almost everyday at work, usually just a "Hi Landon, hi Vi" sorta thing. She also got my AIM screen name from someone (not sure who) and we talked on there from time to time. She kept trying to get into a relationship with me, I kept rejecting, mainly because there wasn't much physical attraction.

Eventually I suppose she took the hint. We didn't chat half as often as typical or even say hello at work. There was about three or four weeks that we didn't even talk. Then, out of the blue I get an IM from her saying something to the extent of "I'm done trying with you." At first I was creeped out, but then she went on to apologize about nagging me tgo be her boyfriend, that she's glad I'm at least her friend. Then she says that if I'm not wanting a relationship she wanted to at least sleep with me. Again, the lack of attraction made me pass up the offer until she started to nearly beg me.

I finally gave in on Wednesday, Hump Day.

So, I invited her over after work and kicked my sisters out of the room I share with them. Arianna looked at me, then at Violet, rolled her eyes and walked out. We had sex for about an hour. She was glowing after, happy as can be and actually thanked me. Its kind of awkward when someone thanks you after sex. Do you say, "No, thank you!" "You're Welcome!" or just stay quiet. If that never happened to you, consider yourself lucky. She also stroked my ego by saying I was the best she ever had. Granted, from what she told me she was only ever with one guy, one time, in high school, for like 10 minutes. But still, always good to hear.

For a minute I felt like someone would feel after cleaning up a town park that was previously trashed and turned it into some place people would take their kids. Kinda like I did a good deed. Like I deserved a pat on the back. But Violet was happy, I got laid, so I was happy, and as of today, we're just regular friends again.

After Violet left my apartment I was walking (naked) to the bathroom for a post-coitus shower and my mom stopped me and asked me who the girl was. I was about to answer, but from the other side of the hall I heard "Lan's new sympathy shag!" from my sister Arianna from the other bedroom. And as mean as that sounds, its kinda true. But everyone has to give or get a sympathy shag once in a while, right?

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