Monday, April 5, 2010

Take my wife, please...

Everyone gets into those late week slumps... especially me... You worked all week, you seem to wake up, get ready, leave, and arrive to work later and later everyday... the worst is Thursdays, it seems like the longest day ever... I didn't expect it to go well, but I did get a proposition I couldn't refuse...

I work in a call routing office with around 100 other people, mostly women... Besides me there are maybe 10 other guys that do the same job I do, 5 of which are gay. I spend most of the day flirting with girls and often having it pay off for me... Well, sometimes paying off for me... I rarely even talk to other guys there unless I need to speak with one of the "big wigs."

On Thursday a guy sat next to me in our 4 seat cubicles. His name is Jacob, he's in his late 30's, early 40's. After lunch he wrote me a note. As soon as he put it in front of me I let out a mental sigh. "Oh, great, I have a gay stalker now." Normally if a gay guy hits on me, which they have in the past, I'm flattered but decline any activities they have in mind. But this was a much older guy, so it was kinda creepy.

I read the note, all it said was "I have a proposition for you." Instead of writing something back I turn to him and tell him "Thanks, but I don't go that way, but there are other guys here that might be interested." He started laughing, telling me that it wasn't meant like that. He writes me another note asking me if I'd sleep with his wife.

Then my mind goes in different directions with several different questions...

A) Is he just a creeper trying to lure me into his basement?
B) If I do sleep with his wife is he gonna kill me and eat me afterward?
C) What's his wife look like if he's trying to get other people to sleep with her?
D) Is he just some kinda swinger?

He writes back, telling me that his wife's biggest fantasy is being gang banged by several young guys. He says that he has plans for the weekend and wants me to be a part of them...

So Saturday comes by and there I and naked with seven other naked guys. It seemed like I was the oldest of the bunch. Most were 18 or 19, and there was only one other guy that seemed like he was of legal drinking age. There was even one guy who was hung more than me, a black dude who had to be about a foot long. For the first time I felt ashamed of my 9 1/2 inches.

Jacob walked in the bedroom and told us what he wanted to happen. He wanted us to go one at a time, bang his wife and come on her face. He said this like it wasn't the first time he set this up for his wife. One of the guys started handing out condoms, magnum condoms for me and Mr. Five Dollar Foot Long. As he was handing them out he said that Jacob's wife is sexy, so apparently this wasn't the first time.

We all lined up in the bedroom as Jacob sat on a chair next to the bed. His wife was pretty good looking, she was 32ish, blonde, slim with nice tits.

I was second to last in the line up, with the black guy standing a foot and a half behind me, thankfully. By the time that it was my turn, Mrs. Jacob (I later found out her name is Patricia) was already covered in splooge. I had my turn, ripped off the condom and came on her face. Both Jacob and Patricia were shocked by how much I came. Jacob saying "Are you cumming on her or pissing on her?"

After Five Dollar Foot Long had his turn, which was all of 7 or 8 minutes (I guess you can't have itg all), Jacob thanked us and told us he'll get in contact with us for next Saturday. Apparently this is something they do all the time. I'm probably gonna decline when/if he calls. It was fun, I've been in gang bangs before, the most being 6 guys in total, but not something I'd do again. I just didn't have any other plans for Saturday.

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