Monday, July 14, 2008

Landon's Lay of the Land

Listen... ok... not every word I type has to start with L's. I do like L's though.

Anyway, about me, my name's Landon, as you may have guessed. I have 3 brothers, and 4 sisters, try growing up like that in a not very big apartment.

I'm (going to be) a senior in college, one more year of near hard work and very hard partying left.

My main flaw in life, if you want to call it a flaw, is that I love women, too much. I know, what straight guy doesn't love women? You don't understand, I love women waaaaaayyyyyy too much. I'm either horny or infatuated all the time, even when I'm sleeping, I dream of women, at baseball games I think the pitcher probably has a hot wife or I'd pitch a couple balls at the girl in the third row, if ya know what I mean. At school I'm either hiding a hard on that one of the female professors gave me, or helplessly staring at one of the girls in the class.

I literally have a boner 80% of the time that I'm awake and probably a large chunk of the time I'm sleeping. The two worst parts about that is 1: I get hard-ons way too easily. Like if a hot 6 foot blond was next to me and she spit, my dick would be hard before her saliva hit the ground. And 2: They aren't easy to hide. I'm 9.5 inches, and about 7 inches in circumference. That's like stacking two regular sized soda cans, one on top of the other (although my dick's about an inch skinnier) and trying to hide that in a pair of loose-fitting, but not too loose-fitting, jeans. There's no good way to hide that. I actually damn near got arrested because a mall security guy thought I was smuggling something out. Awkward. But, more on that later.

Anyway, me and Team Double D (Donavan & Dominic, my brothers, they're twins) are in the same college starting this upcoming semester, between me and them, I dunno if any of the ladies at the college are gonna end up not getting hit on by one of us. If they turn me, a well endowed, pretty good looking guy, there's no way they'll be able to resist a pair of good looking twins.


Polt said...

well, Landon, having a body such as you describe, may I introduce you to something in bloggerland called Half Nekkid Thursdays?

go to and look for an entry on it so you can see what the rule, such as they are, are.

Frankly, I hope you join up...we need hot well endoweled guys such as yourself playing along. :) And they'll be plenty of chicks for you to check out too. :)


Landon said...

I'll definitely look into that, I've never been ashamed of showing off lol