Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TMI Tuesday 7/15/08

1. What were you known as in HS (Jock, Princess, Geek): I was part jock (although I only played basketball), part class clown, part ladies man.
2. What were you really?: Probably 33% of each of the above, and 1% geek.
3. If you could go back and tell your 16 year old self one thing, what would it be?: "Always wear heavier jeans. They hide boners a little bit better." or "Seriously Dude... Sweat pants? Are you an idiot."
4. If you could erase one moment from your school days what would it be?: Definitely the sweat pants day. All I had to wear was sweat pants, forgot to wash my jeans, and well... like I said, they don't hide hard-ons too well.
5. Who did you not date (or more) that you wish you did?: There was this girl named Chelsey (sp?), she was part of the goth/punk crew, I was part of the popular kids crew, you know, sworn enemies. Every time I tried talking to her she'd be really rude to me (or to anyone that wasn't part of her clique). But damn, she was absolutely beautiful. She could give dead guys hard-ons (she was goth, so she probably did). That's the one girl I'd hook up with from high school if I still could.

Bonus (as in optional): If you went to prom, describe your outfit.: Just your average guy-prom-tux... Guys don't have a whole lot of diversity in prom outfits.


Lil Bit said...

Oh yeah, I went to HS w/your type alright, lol...

Guys do SO have some diversity in prom-wear... omg, where's that funny-ass email a friend sent me of actual prom pix???
*searching frantically*
Oh. wait. n/m, I think it was mostly the gals from the hood with whacked out outfits & hair.

But, you coulda always gone retro w/your tux, y'know... stand out from the crowd in a diff way than just your boner. LMAO!

fun answers.
My 1st time playing too. =)

Landon said...

True, i guess there is plenty for guys to wear, but the only shop near by that sold tuxes, at least sold them cheap enough for me to afford at the time, had a very limited selection. My senior year was far from the wealthiest time of my life.

And yes, i would have loved to stand out in a different way, at least a way that didn't involve the rushing of blood out of my head lol

Amorous Rocker said...

Happy tmi!

Lil Bit said...

Couldn't find an email addy for you over here, and I bcc fwd my responses to folks so they don't have to come back to check... so, here's my response to you on my TMI:

Thx, Landon ~ A hacky sack club?? Are you serious? I didn't know those existed in highschools! LOL
Dude, if archery had been offered at my school, I soooooo woulda taken that up! OMG, that woulda been cooooool!
Hey, thanks for reading some of my "101 Things" post! Yep, I have 7 half-siblings and I can honestly say you're the 1st person I've ever met with that spec in common. Bet we share even more lil tid bits.
Come back any time. =)