Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #13

1.) What material is your favorite for bed sheets? Something soft and smooth, that doesn't get those little fuzz balls on it.

2.) How often do you masturbate? Every day, even if I'm having sex a lot, which is often. There's little that can be done with controlling my boners. I'd say, on average, 5-10 times a week.

3.) What takes you the longest to do while showering? (IE shaving, washing hair, etc). Hrm... not sure, if I decide to do some manscaping in the shower, then that. If I decide to masturbate in the shower, that takes a while. I usually don't take long showers. Regular showers take 5-7 minutes, if I masturbate, then they could last almost 30 minutes. So if I take a while in the shower, its easy to figure out why.

4.) What do you think is the right amount of foreplay? Do you spend enough time readying your partner for sex? The right amount, enough. Personally, I love all the kissing, touching, oral. I could spend all day going down on a girl, or at least until my tongue give out. But I guess there can be too muc foreplay. I suppose its different with everyone.

5.) Who tends to initiate sex more when you are in a relationship? I'm not often in a relationship but I'd say it would probably be rather even. I have more girls calling me for sex than I call for sex, but, in a relationship it'd probably be rather even. Maybe 49% them, 51% me.

6.) What birth control do you use? Me personally, condoms, but a lot of my regular partners are on the pill.

7.) What is one thing your partner could do in bed that would instantly turn you off? hmmm... I dunno... fart? try to stab me to death with a knife while we're going at it. I'm very likely to never call you again if you try to stab me.

Wednesday Weirdness

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Polt said...

Hmm, I'll remember to keep all the cutlery out of my bedroom, just in case you should stop by for a visit to the dark side. :)