Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TMI Tuesday

1. Marriage and children aside, what has been your greatest accomplishment in life? Getting as far as I have in college (still am in college, almost finished) without dropping out, all I do is think about women, I'm surprised I even got this far...

2. Aside from healthy and happy children, what is your greatest ambition for the future? I swear, before I die I will have sex with a set of hot twins, at the same time... I've had sex with sexy twins seperately, but its gotta be a threesome...

3. If we were to enter your real name in a search engine, what would we find? Probably nude pics of me.... I'm sure I have some floating around the net somewhere...

4. Who is the most famous person you ever met (not just in the same room as, but actually spoke with)? Some famous people I met and had at least a 5 minute convo with: Jenna Jameson (Porn Star), Nate Robinson (NBA Player, I didn't know who he was lol... sorry Nate), Ron Jeremy (Porn Star), Disturbed (Rock band, chatted w/ all but the drummer), Shandi Finnessy (TV host), Ashley Tisdale (actress/singer, got a semi-hard on while talking with her, embarrassing), Mindy Main (Porn Star), Austin Kincade (Porn star)

5. Parents aside, who is your biggest hero? Giacomo Casanova for obvious reasons...

6. Someone once worked out the sexual version of Six Degrees of Separation - Celebrity A slept with B, who slept with C, who slept with D, making as sort of connection between A and D. Are you connected to anyone famous through six or fewer bonks? Yes actually... theres a few

Alissa White-Gluz (of rock band The Agonist): Banged a male groupie, groupie banged sister-of-my friend Robin C., Robin's sister bonked her boyfriend, Robin C. bonked her sister's bf, me and Robin C. banged.
Jenna Haze (Porn Star): Had sex with a male fan at a NYC event, guy had sex with my friend Daphne S., whom I had sex with
Dustin Keller (NFL Player): Banged a female fan, who banged a guy, who banged a girl I banged

I have no solid proof of them, wasn't there to take pictures, but as far as I know, they have happened... I'm also related to my mom and two of my sisters this way

Mom: Had sex with a friend of mine, Who had sex with Shana R. in the past, who I have sex with a lot.
Anna: Had sex with a girl I had sex with.
Zoe: Part of a foursome with 3 guys, one of the guys was the friend of mine that banged my mom in the previous example.

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