Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday #214

1. Is there an entertaining story attached to (women) your first bra / (men) your first jockstrap? My first jock strap? I've never owned, nor as far as I can remember worn, a jock strap... i wish I had an entertaining jock strap story for ya... I've had jock itch... does that count?

2. Is there a story to (women) your first try at bralessness /(men) your first encounter with bralessness? Ah yes... good old Mrs. McCoy... super hot 30 something neighbor of mine back when i was 15 or so.. never wore a bra, she wasn't huge, b-cup or so, but she seemed to have permanently hard nipples...

3. How about your first time going commando? Well my first commando experience went without a hitch... except for maybe a pubic hair caught in my zipper... but there have been times where my fly was down... accidental free show...

4. Or your first discovery of lack-of-underpants in another? 8th grade in school... another student decided to wear a tiny skirt and no underwear... I got to see everything... I tried so hard to sleep w/ her... all i got was an HJ the following summer

5. Any other good underwear-related tales to tell? Yeah... this long ass story... has a lot to do with me in a thong

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Anonymous said...

lol... I was thinking you would have more stories!!! :)