Monday, October 19, 2009

100th Blog: Top Ten Blogs

10. Most Frustrating: How many times can one guy get walked in on
Sometimes, a guy just needs to jerk off... alone!

9. Best Porn Premise: Life imitating porn: Journey to the Center of Mrs. Worth
If you ask me, this is a moment every straight male should have in their lives.

8. Most Memorable: The Paramour Series
Lucia S - Margie R - Julia B
Some girls need some explanation, these do at least.

7. Best Use of Company Time: Bathroom break from Heaven
Normally bathroom breaks are saved for times at work where ya just want to get away, or actually have to go, this one was better.

6. Most Awkward Hard-On: An awkward day at the mall
Me, my sister, a hard-on, an idiot mall cop, and a stolen bottle of shampoo.

5. Best Explanation of a Penis: Landon's Penis Paradox
Part 1 - Part 2
What its like being me, at least the penis part of me.

4. Most Awkward Call: Calling Landon: Bad Time for a Phone Call
Ever get a call while having sex? Ever answer it? And was it from your mother? And did you talk to her for way to long? I did.

3. Best Meme: Wednesday Weirdness 51 - Story Time
Who doesn't love stories? Especially when they center around sex.

2. Most Tedious: Landon's Sex Calendar
January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October (Part 1)
My sex journal and me sticking to a new years resolution.

1. Most Embarrassing: Think Peter North on a Good Day
A lot of embarrassing situations contain sex, the most embarrassing contain sex, your partner's mother, and lots and lots of semen.

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you are an intriguing read! ;)